Bite the reality hot dog

Click to see ‘Bite the reality hot dog’ in a variety of different sizesWhen Dr David Owen’s break away SDP was beaten at a by-election by the Monster Raving Looney Party he decided it was time to ‘take a bite of the reality sandwich’ and say goodbye.

Now the British Heart Foundation is offering us a glimpse of the reality hot dog. But not really as there’s a silly ‘censored’ sign covering up the ugly stuff, perhaps to spare the same sensitive souls who couldn’t cope with Jamie Oliver killing a lamb. That’s kind of ironic as the whole point of sausages (not so much today, perhaps) is to disguise otherwise unpalatable meat.

So it’s a bit of a ‘so what?’ isn’t it?
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

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