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Online DVD Rental from LOVEFiLMThis Blockbuster reader offer is no longer available. Why not try the market leader, LOVEFiLM?
I go to the cinema a little too much to be really into DVD rental, but I still count the large Blockbuster on our doorstep as a significant local amenity, adding much to the area. So it was disappointing to go in the other day and find the place significantly thinned out. They seem more interested in selling films than renting them and it looks like games is where it’s at.

The culprit will be online DVD rental, something Blockbuster’s obviously got into itself. And their deal is pretty good: unlimited DVD rental from £9.99 per month. And there’s a free two week trial. And postage is free both ways. (Offers and prices correct at time of writing.)

It’s pretty simple. Create a list of DVDs you want to rent and they’ll start sending them out to you. There are options to hold on to one, three or five DVDs at a time. Send them back whenever you feel like it and, when you do, they’ll send another DVD from your list. Blockbuster claim the fastest turnaround in the business, as verified by a mystery shopper survey by Tango Communications, and this month they got a Web User Gold Award.

I still prefer the spontaneity of popping out to video shop but, until movie downloads really take off, online DVD rental is the place to be.

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  1. The Rentals are………… SO……………! They are WAY better than the rentals at the Kern County Libraies!

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