BlogCode… are you getting out enough?

BlogCode recommendations for Stephen Newton’s diary of sorts…(Click here for current BlogCode recommendations for Stephen Newton’s diary of sorts…)
I try not to blog about blogging – there’s enough of that already – but I should admit to not really knowing what do with my half-hearted, rarely updated blogroll. While I’m always flattered when someone links to me, I’m not keen on simply returning the favour. That strikes me as a route to a long meaningless list and who’s going to bother with that.

Which takes me to BlogCode, an idea from Bloggerheads (and others) based on StoryCode, a book recommendations system. At time of writing, it reckons I’m 90.29 per cent like myself, but I’m sure that will change: click the image to find out. I don’t know how great an idea BlogCode is. I can imagine finishing a novel and then looking for something similar (although does a good job for me). But I’ve tended to include blogs on my blogroll that aren’t like me. Like The Noggie View (cultural comment) or New Links (web trivia) or Supermum (someone different’s diary). I don’t think its healthy to restrict yourself to a bubble of like minded individuals.

It may be worth noting that I’m 75.11% like Bloggerheads. I used to link to Bloggerheads, when it was more satirical, but it’s gone all serious. While Bloggerheads knows what it’s against, it doesn’t know what it’s for and so has lost direction. But author Tim Ireland should be praised for helping find a role for bloggers in political protest and for encouraging politicians to engage the medium. BlogCode may turn out to be a good extension of that as it helps Bloggers to find like minded others.

But I reckon that if the blogs yours is similar to tend to be the blogs you read, you’re not getting out enough.

2 thoughts on “BlogCode… are you getting out enough?

  1. Thanks for pointing out the duplication of your Blog, we have amalgamated the data and the duplicate will disappear with our next re-index.

    We try hard to reduce this sort of duplication, but with User submitted data, it will always be an issue, so we welcome the feedback

  2. It’s a great idea but, having dragged a few sliders to code my blog, I did rather hope for some ‘interesting’ results. I mean, I have an idea of what blogs are similar in style and subject matter to mine; none of those appear in the list of matches (maybe I should just give it time), which features blogs that I’m really not convinced are that similar at all. In other words, the results didn’t engage or interest me.

    I would love to see the idea come to fruition, but at the moment there are more interesting blog toys around…

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