Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Me and Katharine in the Blue Lagoon, IcelandA little more than three weeks have passed since I set of Iceland and I’ve been back more than two, but still I can’t say the diary is complete.

You’ll have seen plenty of photos of the Blue Lagoon lately and probably doubt that it really looks like that. Well, as these snaps show, it does.

In what’s otherwise a strangely attractive volcanic landscape of black lava rock and snow, you suddenly happen across this oasis of warm milky water. All around the place are pots of silica with which you’re encouraged to mask your face for a few minutes to reveal the younger self beneath. With a 200ml of pre-packaged (and watered down) mud mask likely to set you back around £45, you’ll want to make the most of this opportunity.

But does it work? Well take a look… I’m 72 next birthday.

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