Boddingtons chimney: worth saving?

Boddingtons chimney: worth saving?

The redeveloped Boddingtons site is set to become home to 1800 jobs, which must be around 1200 more than when it was home to the lager drinker’s favourite ale.

It was never a very pretty brewery, looking much like a 1970s office complex and nothing like the great tower breweries of Threlfall’s (now the Deva Centre) on Chapel Street or Stockport’s Robinson’s.

Yet the plan is to keep this ugly black chimney that no longer bears the brewer’s name. What’s the point of that?
Uploaded by mobile phone to Stephen Newton’s Diary of Sorts links added later: the brewery closure resulted in 55 job losses, not the 500+ implied above..

One thought on “Boddingtons chimney: worth saving?

  1. Stephen,

    I still think it is a recognised landmark and should stay – a character feature.

    How many houses have fireplaces they do not use, but give something to the ambiance of the place. Whether it is ugly is another matter.


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