Boddington’s Extra Cold… a grotesque aberration

A ‘village prostitute’ shows off a Boddington’s Extra Cold T-shirtThe Village Prostitute Who Threw Herself in the Pond may not have romped home to another glorious victory (although we have enjoyed plenty), but Monday night did see us walk away with the usual bottle of beer, a copy of Naked Lunch and… horror of horrors… a Boddington’s Extra Cold promotional T-shirt.

I’m no fan of Boddington’s and didn’t think the brewery closure a great blow to real ale or Manchester. But I do find the idea of Boddington’s Extra Cold abhorrent. It’s okay for Guinness, as Arthur Guinness was a technologist. The more manufactured the stout, the truer it is to Arthur’s vision. But that’s not the case with formerly real ales like Boddington’s. Real ale is to lager what red wine is to white. It should be served around room temperature. If you want something cold, grab yourself a pilsner.

Anyway. The Boddington’s Extra Cold T-shirt is on sale here at eBay along with lots more Boddington’s Extra Cold memorabilia and collectables. Happy bidding!

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