Boris right to sack race row advisor

Sad to read that Cllr Bob Piper has been cowed into supporting James McGrath, who has been sacked as Boris Johnson’s chief political advisor after being recorded on tape saying of London’s African-Caribbean community: ‘Well, let them go if they don’t like it here.’

To be fair, McGrath may not quite have described the Caribbean as black Londoners’ true home, but echoing this racist mantra is unforgivable nonetheless.

Britain is home to the people James McGrath was talking about, most of whom will not have set foot in the Caribbean. Not only will they have born British, their parents are likely to have born British too. To say, we should ‘let them go’ is to promote the idea that they belong in some foreign country, with a foreign culture (most often portrayed as less developed or backward). It is to deny Britain’s true multicultural culture; something of which we should all be proud.

Bob Piper’s faux pas was to reproduce a satirical cartoon of a blacked up David Cameron; an image that mocked the Tories’ attempts to shake off their racist reputation. This was twisted by a malicious individual who bragged about taking scalps, while cowardly hiding behind a cloak of anonymity.

2 thoughts on “Boris right to sack race row advisor

  1. Stephen, I have not been ‘cowed’ as you put it. It was Howe who referred to these people going back to their ‘homeland’, not McGrath. If you want to direct your bile anywhere, he is the person you should do it to. So, what homeland, eh? Brixton? Handsworth?

    I’m struggling to understand how McGrath could answer that without causing offence. If he had said no, they shouldn’t be allowed to go he would have looked stupid, if he had said what you have said, that this is their home, he would have been accused of denying their cultural heritage.

    Howe asked a stupid question (which I note you did not include in your piece) and the most sensible thing McGrath could have done was to tell him he was talking bollocks.

  2. Bob: In retrospect, I was wrong to describe you as cowed. That was over the top and I apologise.

    Loaded questions are difficult to answer, but a trap like this should be easy to spot. McGrath should have known better than to take the bate.

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