Boris Johnson’s handbag

I’ve been handbaged by Boris Johnson for poking fun at his infatuation with Maggie Thatcher! Writing about his sacking (not as bad for him as for ‘tens of thousands of others’), Boris provoked someone to suggest that the lack of manufacturing jobs might have something to do with the last Tory government. So I suggested this blind spot might have something to do with his infatuation, noted elsewhere, with Thatch. He’s only been blogging a short time, but check out this nonsense:

‘…and out of the corner of my eye I saw something in powder blue, and I looked up and there she was again! It was Baroness Thatcher, looking just as transcendentally dynamic as…’

And there’s more: ‘…something of a mirage… looking heavenly in a sharp-cut royal (Tory) blue suit… her filigree hairstyle and immaculate chic suit looked more wonderful than anything most of us had ever seen…’

Oh dear, I just can’t see it myself.

Anyway. I got deleted… an action I take as further evidence that the randy Tory MP and editor is on for a steamy affair with the iron one (the original, not Gordon Brown). Boris Johnson’s sexual peccadilloes appear to be part of a debilitating inability to contain emotion. He couldn’t make the valid point about people wallowing in mourning without making stuff up. Here he talks of tens of thousands of sackings (another ‘fact’ plucked from the air) in the run up to Christmas, but gets upset when someone reminds him how bad things were when his heartthrob was in power. But then it’s shrill brouhaha that gives his writing comedy and makes him readable… a sensible Boris would be so boring.

Always the jester never the king……Wallowing in mourning

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