Bring on the talking CCTV

If it isn’t already, SpyBlog should be an award winning blog for the way it reports on the ‘cheaper and more widespread surveillance technology being deployed to satisfy the rapacious demand by state and corporate bureaucracies and criminals for your private details’.

As the Information Commissioner is fond of saying, we are sleepwalking into a surveillance society and even those naïve enough to think they do no wrong and so have nothing to fear, should be concerned at how easily criminals can get our data.

But SpyBlog’s got it wrong when it comes to talking CCTV cameras. Yes big brother will get it wrong. But that makes talking CCTV a good thing. If the victims aren’t given a talking to, they’ll never know they’ve been wrongly accused and spied upon as a result. It’s easy to forget that we’re on camera and incidents like this will encourage people to sit up and think.

Meanwhile, giving big brother a range of children’s voices to choose from is a masterstroke that’s bound to freak out many a drunken yob.

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