Britney sinks to new low

Buy it!Sad to say Britney’s hit a new low with Everytime, the new single, getting far too much airplay on Chartshow TV at the gym. The excellent Vernon Kay hit the nail on the head last Saturday: ‘like pulling teeth’.

But the video takes the already unbearable to new depths. First we get the J-Lo perfected paparazzi sequence – I’m thinking Jenny from the Block with Ben Affleck – complete with lots of temper tantrums. The thing is there’re plenty of pop stars who’ve had similar success to Britney, only to fade into obscurity. So if things are so bad, she need only retire and in a few years the kiddies will have grown up and we’ll all have moved on. As if that wasn’t bad enough the somehow head injured Britney starts drowning in the bath – cue yucky images of new born baby coming into the world as Britney exits – and I’m panting on the cross-trainer willing her to run, run, run into the white light. But (drat) it’s all a dream. Total pants.

The meaning of Britney’s Onyx Hotel……Virgin angst music

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