Britney Spears Do Somethin’: I was wrong#2

Britney Spears Do Somethin’ at AmazonBack in June, I wrote ‘Britney sinks to new low’ and may have implied that she couldn’t sink any lower. I was wrong.

With Do Somethin’, she proves that there truly are no depths to which she will not sink. Check out the video, where she fakes a kind of wild child sexuality that tries too desperately to make us want to put her in her place (nudge, nudge), but only succeeds in making us laugh. Britney seems to get younger as she ages, link a pop star version of King Arthur’s Merlin, who in some legends lived backward through time. So Britney’s grown up into the younger sister who’s witnessed an older sibling’s rebellion and tries to mimic it without knowing what any of this is all about.

Yet despite all that, it’s hard not to pity Britney, as she does appear to be so very, very lost.
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