Brown deserves his kicking

Not just Macavity, not just a scaredy cat but a copy cat, too
It’s impossible not to watch Gordon Brown suffering a kicking at the hands of the Tories without feeling that he deserves it: ‘Smash and grab: how Labour stole the Tories’ big ideas,’ says the Guardian.

These so-called Big Ideas obviously have nothing to do with social justice, but if ConservativeHome has it right (and they should recognise a Big Tory Idea better than most) they’re pretty inconsequential and the really, really big one about inheritance tax is, thankfully, only a pretence.

Fortunately, this is mostly froth of little consequence to people’s lives. Like footprints on deep pile carpet, this non-election incident will soon fade from memory. After all, everyone seems to have forgotten the bombing of Glasgow Airport, the floods and foot and mouth.

Instead of responding to the Tories’ defence of privilege by saying that it is safe in Labour hands, Brown should be arguing forcefully for a fairer Britain and that must include a defence of inheritance tax. The Tories say he’s a scaredy cat, who could disagree with that?

7 thoughts on “Brown deserves his kicking

  1. I agree it’ll soon be forgotten. Many more important issues to focus on. Did you hear him having a go at the postal strikers today – he sounded a bit ‘Thatcher’ for a minute!

  2. It’s hard to see how Brown’s intervention is in any way helpful. Ministers could have got their hands dirty and mediated, but one sided pronouncements will not win anyone’s trust.

    It’s difficult to follow the strike when all you get on the news is appeals to email your stories — ‘maybe you’re waiting for that special birthday card’ — without any attempt to explain what the strike is all about.

    At first sight you’d think it’s because they think we’re too thick to understand the issues, but according to the BBC Trust it’s because journalists are too thick to report business stories.

  3. It’s the wildcatters he’s condemning I think. So he might be regarded as much as a CWU trot as Crozier’s mouthpiece?? John McDonnell’s call for Govt intervention to solve this is welcome.

  4. I have now found three real live people in Britain – me, you and my son – who believe that Brown was horribly wrong about inheritance tax. I think we should form a movement.

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