BT Privacy… forget the loyal customer: Naïve Marketing Strategies#11

Having seen loads of advertising for BT Privacy I thought I’d take a look. And what a waste of time it is. I registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) sometime ago and while it’s proved very effective, I still get the odd unwanted sales call (mainly that recording of an American woman telling me to press nine to claim my free holiday). I recommend signing up for the Mailing Preference Service too.

So how is BT Privacy different? Well, it isn’t. Sign-up for BT Privacy and they’ll register you with TPS and throw in caller display, which normally costs £5.75 per quarter. But I’ve already got caller display and there’s the rub… they planned to carry on charging me £5.75 per quarter while giving the product away to new customers. Their excuse, ‘We are promoting BT Privacy at Home from 1 July 2005, using a wide variety of media. It will also be included in Update, which is sent to our Consumer customers with their BT bill.’ I’ve opted out of the paper bill. Bas****s.

And while on BT I signed up with BT Broadband from the outset as they were first to market. In February this year they promised an upgrade from 512K to 2MBs at no extra charge. That’s nice I thought. And if you’re a new customer, they’ll give it to you right now. But those of us who’ve shown some loyalty (albeit of the can’t be bothered to change variety) are still waiting. Bas****s.BT Tracker
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2 thoughts on “BT Privacy… forget the loyal customer: Naïve Marketing Strategies#11

  1. Luckly for me, I happen to be one of those that benefits from free CallerID, though I’m still waiting to see if I get charged for it as I only make occasional calls via BT

  2. You should have just asked to cancel the Caller Display and move onto BT Privacy. Silly boy nothing stopping you doing that.

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