Bud Bucks: shame it’s Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser

‘American Magazine described it as “so inferior [that] St Louis rowdies were known to project mouthfuls of it back over the bar.”’
Philip Van Munching, Beer Blast

And so it remains today. Elsewhere in Van Munching’s excellent history of brewing in the US you can read how Eberhard Anheuser (the brewer in the Anheuser-Busch partnership) stood up in court and admitted he’d never actually tasted a Budweiser (which is a beer type, akin to Pilsner). Some had challenged whether the beer he called Budweiser really was a Budweiser, but Anheuser assured them he’d stuck to the recipe*.

Anyway. I know some of my readers do like to kick back with a Bud from time to time. And hey, they’ve kindly emailed me with an offer to share codes and the like that I can pass on to my readers (or just keep for myself) that get special privileges over at Bud Bucks. A lucky reader could even end up on a stateside skiing holiday. Would I drink a tasteless sham Budweiser in return for a holiday in the USA… you bet I would!
*Talk of recipes is a nonsense in terms of beer as all beers are brewed to what’s essentially the same recipe (although Anheuser-Busch add rice to the mash, further distancing their beer from traditional Budweisers). Brewers must constantly tinker in order to match each brew to the last. It’s hard to see how a brewer who’d never tasted a Budweiser, could possibly produce a beer with the characteristics of a Budweiser.

2 thoughts on “Bud Bucks: shame it’s Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser

  1. Your CON is a real pisser…………

    I drinkd on average six cans per week then another eight pints in the local……..
    therore i am being riped off for the eight pints having being given no bud bucks for them ????????

    WHY !

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