Buff the Banana with Paul Dacre

I may have been quiet over here – sorry! – but I have been busy completing my Christmas project, Buff the Banana with Paul Dacre, a simple blog that diaries titillating stories from the Daily Mail, so you can go straight there without having to view the offensive stuff. And there’s a biography of Paul Dacre for those who don’t know who he is.

Looking after Buff the Banana with Paul Dacre will require me to read the Daily Mail each day, so you don’t have to, in order to dig out the best photos of celebrities with very little clothes on… and there’s plenty of content.

The Daily Mail might not have a Page 3, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find topless or upskirt shots, often shot Peeping Tom style with a telephoto lens. A (not work safe) Google search reveals that a number of pornographic websites promote their wares with images grabbed from the Daily Mail.

You’ll find Buff the Banana with Paul Dacre at www.buffthebanana.co.uk.

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