Burger King ‘fat b******’ baguettes… very silly

While I don’t eat meat, I don’t regard multinational burger bars as a particularly evil sector of the food industry (foie gras?) and suspect they get a disproportionably bad press because theirs is contemporary peasant food. I do enjoy the increasingly rare Burger King spicy bean burger (although the BK Veggie Burger is bland as bland can be). As far as fast food’s concerned we’re mainly eating McDonald’s Quorn Premiere, whose launch was hailed as a major culinary event.

But having said all that, it’s hard to think of a positive word for BK’s baguettes. Back in June the Premium Tastes range (bad name: implies expensive) was going to hit McDonald’s Salads Plus where it hurts, but it turns out that the burgers are a healthier option and BK’s new PR people are squirming. Yet it’s perfectly reasonable for consumers to imagine the new baguette range to be healthier than the burgers: it sounds like a move away from the usual junk. Now nobody will take the oven baked chips seriously… very silly.
R.I.P. McDonald’s Vegeburger – long live McDonald’s Quorn Premiere

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