Bus seat territory

Bus seat territoryI’m currently on a rare-ish bus trip with the great unwashed. It’s not too bad and you can read. I always sit upstairs at the front, above the driver and feel real irritation when ‘my seat’ is taken. But I’m not as territorial as the woman across from me who’s so attached to her seat, she’ll choose to sit next to someone’s spilt chips even though the bus is near empty.
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread.

2 thoughts on “Bus seat territory

  1. Did you see that article on Manchester online about the new growing trafford center? I read it and thought of you! hehe
    70 million later and we’ll have an outside ‘bit’ with furnishings. I’m quietly pleased as i then wont have to keep shopping in warringtons Ikea.

  2. that’s MY seatabove the driver, and why *do* people find it necessary not only to eat MacDonalds crap but to leave the remains on the bus

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