Bush to heal America. Not!

Americans’ love of bi-partisanship and Bush feeling a need to reach out to those who voted against him, is beyond me. Yes, his agenda’s doomed to fail, but he doesn’t think that so why shouldn’t he just bluster on? Nevertheless, it turns out that for Bush reaching out means, ‘I’ll reach out to everyone who shares our goals… We’ll put out an agenda that everybody understands and work with people to achieve the agenda.’ No compromises, in other words. And fair enough, he won the election.

It will be a tough four years for America’s poor as social security and tax reform are top of that agenda. America will continue trying to remould the world in its own image by force, rather than persuasion. More so-called ordinary Americans will face unemployment or low pay without the medical and other benefits most Westerners take for granted. More young people (who still can’t be bothered to vote), will come home in body bags as other Westerners tut-tut and shake their heads. Liberties will be curtailed in the name of freedom.

Yet those on the left should curb their despair. America needs to learn that this is the reality of conservatism (neo or otherwise), before the spectre can be killed off.

Better Bush for Democrats

One thought on “Bush to heal America. Not!

  1. There’s a good analysis of Bush and the neo-con threat in today’s Times http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,3-1345969,00.html

    “And there is a widespread view that the dreaded ?neoconservatives?, a group of foreign policy thinkers who believe in the assertive use of US power to promote democratic change around the world, have been discredited.”
    Let’s hope.

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