Buying & selling tickets on eBay

Buy & sell tickets on eBayWhey hey! I’ve just joined the fan club via Ticketmaster, which (if it’s the same here as in the USA) entitles not-so-proud members to not very much at all for the bargain basement price of £53 (or US$100).

The point of this little wheeze is that members get easy access to concert tickets, leaving the hoi polloi to spend a fruitless hour reloading web pages and redialling hotline numbers before heading over to eBay.

Meanwhile, those of us who’ve spent £53 for the right to buy tickets obviously use our full allocation – there’s no point paying an extra £26.50 per ticket when you need only pay an extra £13.25 – and are waiting eagerly for the great masses to bid over the odds. Buy my spares here!

So next time you hear band managers urging you not buy on eBay, it’s worth remembering that tactics like this could almost be designed with auction sites in mind. It certainly encourages an ugly ‘I’ve been ripped off, so I’m going to rip you off’ attitude.

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