Buzz Club returns to Chorlton


The Southern is not one of Chorlton’s most up market venues, but that’s kind of a virtue when it comes to the Buzz Club, which was the country’s longest running comedy club outside of London when it closed in 2004.

MC John Marshall ran off to Hull to live with someone he net on the internet.

The Southern, meanwhile, became a proper Irish pub — not one of those fake things I sold my soul for on behalf of a major pub chain — and signifiant live music venue.

Anyway. It’s no surprise a gig billed as a one off quickly sold out. The more pleasant suprise is that John Marshall’s finally realised Chorlton loves him and is coming back for a reborn, albeit monthly, Buzz.

A great many new bars and restaurants may have arrived while he was away, but you can’t beat a big room above a proper pub.
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