Café North, Shudehill, Manchester

Café North, Shudehill, Manchester

‘If you want to eat well in England, eat three breakfasts.’
W. Somerset Maugham

A big fan of all-day vegetarian breakfasts, it was hard to resist Café North’s value of money offer of two quorn burgers, two veggie sausages, two eggs et cetera at a reasonable price I can’t remember (a career as a professional reviewer clearly isn’t on the cards for me).

And it did the job… when it finally arrived 35 minutes after it was ordered and with Katharine fretting that her lunch break was almost over. She ended up leaving half of her very nice veggie bangers and mash.

There’s little more infuriating than seeing people who arrived after you getting their food orders… settling their bills… while you sit there nursing a coffee you planned to make last into the meal itself. And when we did catch someone’s eye she took another order or two before checking with the kitchen, who had (judging from the state of my broken fried egg and the speed of her return) been sitting around a while, possibly under a hot lamp. Being a Reservoir Dogs fan, I tipped even though the waitress who dropped the bill ran away before I could respond to her: ‘everything okay?’

Still, I reckon Café North is a pleasant enough place to breakfast if you have some time on your hands and I plan to try out their nut roast one Sunday lunchtime. But if you need to play safe pop just a few doors down to the most excellent Abergeldie Café where the service is always remarkably prompt and efficient and they serve what may be the best double egg and chips in Manchester.

6 thoughts on “Café North, Shudehill, Manchester

  1. cafe north went there today great place staff great food what can iu say if carlsberg did breackfast then north would be the place…….

  2. went with my mate today a bit hungover but cafe north breakfast sorted us out we still have not eating since today because ther was so much go cafe north.

  3. im goin here on the 20th march for a party we renting da room out, it looks dead nice :) mint food in there :P

  4. went to cafe north monday manger really nice looked after me and my mum nice food his irish charm sold the eggs bendict. will go back

  5. cafe north is a great place staff are great its nice they all seem to be there a while the manager must be doing something is really good.xxxx

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