Calling time on the Times

Click to see ‘Calling time on the Times’ in a variety of different sizesIf I was editor of the Times and had only managed to assemble the weakest of minds to write think pieces, I’d be keeping quiet. But no, what may be our most famous national newspaper has invested in a major billboard campaign to enlighten those who (for example) missed Jeremy Clarkson opine that we’re all driven by money or rumpy-pumpy.

Anyway. Stick with me and I’ll bullshit on the human condition for free.
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2 thoughts on “Calling time on the Times

  1. The Times site has been upgraded or expanded, hence the billboards. You can now, theoretically, comment on Clarkson’s (and others I guess) articles. I tried this, but now even the previous comments have disappeared into the ether.

    I assume it’s teething troubles and eventually I will be able to mock the curly haired buffoon as much as he deserves, but my message today was carefully thought out and cutting, dammit.

  2. I like the ads, I think they are good fun- plus it has also seen the paper recieve a lot of Headlines and countless stories written about it.

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