Can Eminem keep it real?

I have to say I’ve been a little worried about Eminem of late. The real low point for me came with D12 collaboration My Band. It’s just so ordinary. But ordinariness isn’t its biggest crime.

It makes you wonder what happened to the guy who broke out from that 8 Mile-style ghetto (and the rest of his band for that matter), because the strength of any kind of music that’s supposed to come from the streets is that it gives a voice to a kind of person who didn’t have one before. With My Band the quasi-autobiography continues, but is now in a place the fans will never go. Its all about larking about with fame, the girls, the attention and the money that reminds you that becoming Eminem is like winning the lottery (except the odds of winning are even shorter).

But having said all that, How Come shows the old form can be found. It’s in the well trodden territory of a relationship gone bad, but it’s well done and something to relate to, rather than a reminder that this guy’s now somewhere we can only dream of.

Lou Reed’s Satellite of Love

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