Caption Competition: Mark Dodson of Guardian Media Group

Mark Dodson of Guardian Media GroupIf you’d passed the Manchester Evening News building on Deansgate this afternoon there’s a good chance you were handed a flier by one of the many protestors upon which was a quote from yours truly. Proof, if proof were needed, that someone’s reading this rubbish and paying attention.

It made me blush. No doubt most people would be thinking, ‘who the hell is Stephen Newton?’, if they think at all. But there I was ahead of Andy Votel the founder, with Badly Drawn Boy, of Twisted Nerve and Sue Fletcher of Cornerhouse.

Anyway. I also got this photograph of Mark Dodson of the Guardian Media Group in discussion with protestors. He appears to be reading a placard which says ‘£30m profit: where’s the loss in that?’ which was the chant for the day. Captions anyone? Just hit the ‘scrawl graffiti link’ below. (Oh yeah, no prizes it’s just for fun!)

3 thoughts on “Caption Competition: Mark Dodson of Guardian Media Group

  1. Chris, if that’s wrong I apologise.

    But I guess you win what was the first and will be the last caption competition. (One entry in three years and three months is a tad embarrassing.)

  2. Could he be saying.

    “I’ll join you soon guys – just wait here for a while. I just need to pick up my bonus from the office”


    “I’d love to talk, but I’ve just bought a new prius so I can’t stop right now”

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