Cardinal Francis Arinze… get your own lawyer!

Wikipedia on Cardinal Francis Arinze, where this copyright free image was foundI don’t imagine I’ll ever get around to reading Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. It’s just not my kind of fiction, but I have been waiting for the film.

Others are avoiding the whole thing for far more principled reasons. They’re in the habit of taking what’s written in books as gospel and so this kind of fiction undermines their entire belief system. One such poor soul is Cardinal Francis Arinze, who came close to becoming the first black pope. He wants somebody to take some sort of legal action to ban the film which breaks the human right not to be offended by anything that might challenge the mumbo-jumbo Cardinal Francis Arinze subscribes too.

I can understand that. Life must be difficult when based upon faith in something that crumbles so easily in the face of any form of scrutiny. It must be painful to see some thriller writer become very rich indeed by basing his nonsense on a twisted version of your own nonsense.

But what I don’t understand is why Cardinal Francis Arinze doesn’t hire his own lawyers to fight Dan Brown and the mighty Sony Pictures. Instead he calls on others to take the risk of an expensive court battle and put their money where his mouth is. Cardinal Francis Arinze should stand up for what he believes in and get his own lawyer… we all know the church can afford it.

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