Five years of Carol Kirkwood naked

Carol Kirkwood, allegedly naked under her flasher macFive years ago I shot to number 1 in Google for Carol Kirkwood naked with one of my shortest posts and this continues to attract weather girl fetishists from all over the UK.

Recently Carol’s taken to wearing flasher macs while doing the weather and this has certainly spiked some interest among her fans: one recent commentator has been particularly frank.

Carol appears to have blown her entire wardrobe budget on perhaps as many as half-a-dozen flasher macs in a range of pastel colours.

I reproduce a couple here for the benefit of Kirkwood fans, but feel a need to point out that she remains far too mumsy for my tastes and I find her rambling weather forecasts virtually indecipherable.

(No you can’t click to enlarge, this isn’t Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail.)

5 thoughts on “Five years of Carol Kirkwood naked

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  2. I do not understand why you cannot understand Carol’s weather forcasts – maybe you belong to those that need little signs to tell them if its sun or rain and have no idea what awarm front is (other than Carol Kirkwood in the studio). The BBC viewers tend to be a little brighter (thank God)than GMTV viewers who could not tell the fifference between the Pennines and the South Downs

  3. Carol appears to be a fun loving lady, who would be nice to have around.

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