Celebrity Big Brother continues… keep Galloway where he can do no harm!

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When I first saw this Star front page, I naively thought it was Camille Aznar, girlfriend to Ordinary Boys’ Preston, but it’s non-celebrity Chantelle who obviously prepared for her imminent fame in the Big Brother house, by posing for many saucy tabloid pics. I was ready to blog on how similar the two look and to speculate that Preston has a type (you’d think so, wouldn’t you?) but the best photo of poor old Camille Aznar has her with a coat over her head.

Yep I’m still hooked on Celebrity Big Brother but I’m no longer cheering for Barrymore. I didn’t really have a reason for supporting him, just an instinctive need to pick someone and he was the biggest celeb. Unfortunately, by the end of week one he had revealed himself to be a total knob. It was the bullying of Jodie Marsh that left me regretting that cheer. Not that Barrymore was the main culprit. He’s a weak man who simply followed on from Galloway calling her ‘wicked’. This is nonsense of course. She’s an ex-Page 3 girl with a sense of humour to match and a personality not a million miles away from Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard. But she’s harmless. At the same time the other bizarre alpha-male, Pete Burns, was fighting her for his ‘right to choose’ to wear the fur of the nearly extinct. So Barrymore felt justified in letting off some steam. Like the Times bloggers say: ‘He argues like a child. A bald, mad, slurring child.’

More importantly Marsh was right on the coat and so her claim to the moral high ground is secure. It’s colobus monkey, not gorilla fur as Burns claimed. While the coat will probably turn out to be antique enough for him to get off, Pete could still face five years. And that would be a good thing. There are only 600 mountain gorillas left in the world. If we followed Pete Burn’s only argument – his right to choose fur – then they’d soon be skinned alive (it’s the only way to ensure quality) and turned into coats for the very rich. And that’s why there’s no comparison with leather, say, as cows aren’t endangered.

Of course, nobody in the Big Brother house has a grip on any of this. When Jodie was evicted the men thought the outside world had vindicated them. Galloway continued to bully and scheme, imagining himself to be popular. He supported Burns over the coat to the extent of suggesting Big Brother pay him compensation for allowing the police to take it away. Neither of them recognised the seriousness of the situation.

It will be interesting to see how Galloway reacts when he’s probably evicted on Wednesday along with Dennis. He’s completely failed to humanise himself in front of a new audience (assuming that was his aim). Instead he’s revealed himself to be a scheming bully (twice punished by Big Brother for breaking the rules) and been seen to dump on Rula, whom he obviously fancied. What little credibility he had is now in tatters and to cap it all he faces bankruptcy. But I’ve voted to get Chantelle and Dennis out as the longer Galloway’s locked in the house the worse it will be for him when he gets out.
Update: Camille Aznar: sell your story!
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