Celebrity Big Brother… last word

I was well into Celebrity Big Brother. Quietly cheering for Barrymore, uncomfortable with George Galloway but anxious to keep him confined and finally suckered into the Preston/Chantelle/Camille Aznar thing. So I’ll miss it, though it all seems rather distant.

Barrymore went through a proper character arc; from pathetic weepy has-been, to the most over the top bully to calming voice of reason. This change mirrored that of George, who came in as respected father of the house, before moving on to become Big Brother’s representative on Earth and finally – totally convinced of his righteousness and least able to see it was only a game – a bully who just had to cheat, lie and scheme. Pete Burns, the other most notable is summed up perfectly by Tony Parsons in the Mirror. Burns is no intellectual, though he sometimes faired comparatively well. Thanks to being a one-hit-wonder, he’s been spoilt and over indulged for the last twenty plus years to the point where he believes his own hype and has become a nasty little freak. Celebrity Big Brother would have been a much poorer show without him.

Maggot, Rula Lenska, Faria Alam, Traci Bingham and Dennis Rodman had the occasional moment were generally uninteresting.
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2 thoughts on “Celebrity Big Brother… last word

  1. Not as uninteresting as Jodie Marsh, who you appear to have forgotten altogether!

    I just cannot get over Maggot getting more votes than Preston. Something fishy going on there if you forgive the pun (maggot-fishy-gerrit?).

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