Celebrity Big Brother

Last night was the first time we sat down and watched an opening episode of Celebrity Big Brother (Katharine protested). In the past we’ve just dipped in near the end (if at all) and relied on media coverage and the odd blog and have never been engaged. Last night despite the terminally annoying Davina McCall I was hooked (we’ll see if it lasts) and I’m cheering for Michael Barrymore.

But I’m moved to write by Faria Alam who told the Mirror she’d do anything to be famous back in August 2004, when she briefly was for having a couple of affairs. I’m not going to get all moral about that, but I was amused when she asked why she was booed when Adam and Eve were let off over that apple business. I’m no theologian, but I thought those two got kicked out of the Garden of Eden for that misdemeanour. And this after lots of puff about how clever she is, being multi-lingual and all that.
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