‘Celebrity worship essential’, say scientists

Having had a pop at Pink, I was reminded of a study – reported in the New Scientist – that suggests children who develop a fascination with celebrities, are likely to be more popular and better adjusted than their squarer piers.

The desire to suck-up to ‘prestigious individuals’ is a survival mechanism; ‘prestigious individuals’ have leadership potential and the power to reward our sycophancy. That doesn’t mean that Pink is going to do her fans any great favours further down the line, but that her fans are more likely to know who else to stick to, if they want to be on the winning side.

But what when your hero turns out to be a bit dodgy? I’ve always been a great fan of Bryan Ferry who, together with Roxy Music, revolutionised the UK music scene and who remains one of our greatest singer song writers. So it took me some time to come to terms with the fact that he supports fox hunting and his son is a whipper-in. (And I’m not the only blogger to feel this way.)

Meanwhile Pink’s music is terrible… but then again, she is an animal rights supporting vegetarian.

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