Celebrity Wrestling proves ITV boffins wrong

No great surprise that wrestling fans don’t seem too bothered by Celebrity Wrestling’s demise, replaced with Star Wars four weeks into a planned eight week run. While it may be a shame analogue-terrestrial viewers won’t get to see who won, it’s a good thing this flopped, not just because the idea was so obviously inept, but because failures like this send the right sort of message to bosses at the deservedly declining ITV.

Pseudo-boffins at the station have devised a system for predicting ratings success based entirely on the celebrity count. Sign up Robson Green and they’ll throw money at you. On this basis they presumably expected Celebrity Wrestling to overpower Doctor Who based on the sheer numbers of z-listers.

ITV needs to learn that there’s much more to TV success than the faces actually on screen and every celebrity based failure is a step forward on that learning curve.

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