Chorlton’s Charcoal Kitchen lets the side down

Charcoal Kitchen lets the side downUpdate: Charcoal Kitchen comes good
Someone old enough to remember, once told me that before the war this was Chorlton-cum-Hardy’s main high street, bang opposite the bus station. I have my doubts, as I’m sure Chorlton Cross has been bustling for many years, although the concrete precinct obviously wouldn’t have been around.

Nevertheless, this little strip has long been sad; relegated to takeaways, charity and pound shops and newsagents that come and go. Until suddenly, following the council’s working with local traders to smarten up the canopy frontage, a quite posh looking pizzeria opened in amongst the trash. Then an oriental restaurant and a decent café bar.

My phone-out pizza of choice comes from the Charcoal Kitchen, whose proprietor appears to work ridiculous hours and recognises my voice when I call, asking: ‘the usual?’

The Charcoal Kitchen (is it really bad to have a ‘usual’ at a fast food outlet?) has raised its game, creating a sit down café area at the front of the shop. But now they’ve gone and spoilt it all with this garish yellow banner thing, with breakfast spelt as two words (‘break fast’). Why, oh why, oh why? I guess it’s like Charlie Brooker says, small shop keepers have no idea. Pizza Hut’s food is nowhere near as good, but you wouldn’t find them scaring off the customers such an eyesore.

5 thoughts on “Chorlton’s Charcoal Kitchen lets the side down

  1. Thanks for the positive comments about the Charcoal Kitchen, we are doing our best to improve our business. We are glad that you enjoy the food. PLEASE NOTE WE have taken on board the comments about the yellow banner and have taken it down. We look forward to your business in the future and please pass on the word about our GREAT FOOD :)

  2. I can’t believe you’re crying about a bleedin’ banner!
    It wouldn’t bloody scare me off if i’m hungry i tell ya!

  3. OMG – what’s wrong with you? It’s obviously your regualar takeaway and you repay them by saying they ‘let the side down’ because you don’t like their banner?!? ‘with breakfast spelt as two words….small shop keepers have no idea’. They make pizzas not write the dictionary. I feel genuinely sorry for you

  4. Wow, you read Charlie Brooker’s column? Really?!! So that’s, like, where you form your entire world view? Excellent! Nowt like the pretentious name-dropping of a Guardian columnist to make yourself feel superior to “small shop keepers” everywhere.

  5. Charcoal Kitchen is also my favourite phone in pizza shop. They make great pizza and know my address based on what I order – a regular customer.

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