Charles & Camilla memorabilia on eBay… calm down!

A Charles & Camilla commemorative tea towelPostponing the Royal Wedding by a day has panicked the few loyal royalists into buying up all the now wrongly dated memorabilia in the mistaken belief it will be worth something in the future. Of course it won’t. To be worth something, it firstly needs to be rare and secondly it needs to be in demand. Whereas in the past erroneous junk was destroyed, today it’s hoarded by would-be savvy collectors and plenty of so-called royalists are so infuriated by Charles and Camilla they’re hoarding ordinary postage stamps to avoid the commemorative ones. So it will be neither rare nor in demand.

And its not just Charles’ should-be supporters who are getting bad tempered. His muttered whinge at the BBC’s Nicholas Witchell and Harry’s outburst were hilarious. Spinneyhead’s recreated the moment (and others) in flash for posterity (click the pix to advance the slide show).

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