Cheese dreams… hard to beat

They may be closely associated with nightmares, but I’m a big fan of cheese dreams. A corner or two of mature cheddar before bed seems to produce incredible psychedelic experiences that stick with you through the day. And I’m pleased to find this old Daily Mail article, based on a British Cheese Board press release, which reveals the cheddar leads to nightmares thing to be a myth.

Last night I was in an enormous crowd gathered at New Century House, the Co-op’s Manchester HQ. The building had been moved to a location that offered the best view of its neighbour, the CIS Building, as it bent in the wind. All tall buildings bend in the wind – the CIS Building is the UK’s tallest solar project – but this was a true feat of architecture. It bowed down to the ground and snaked through the streets without hitting anything at all. New York’s Chrysler Building joined for a short time. Everyone wanted to get high up in New Century House, but each time you made it into a lift, you discovered that it would only go down. We had to climb the walls instead.

There was some debate as to whether those working in the offices should be allowed home, given that all that bobbing and weaving must have distracted them from their work. But that would surely have defeated the purpose of designing buildings with such incredible flexibility.

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