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For months I drove past St Clement’s Church, spotted the Chorlton Film Institute banner and meant to Google them. But by the time I got home I’d have forgotten. So Katharine and I are late converts to the magic of Chorlton Film Institute.

As it happens the institute is not very good at keeping its wiki or blog up-to-date, but never mind; last week’s showing of The Black Dahlia was very well attended.

Strangely, while the Chorlton Film Institute describes itself as an exercise in guerrilla cinema, it doesn’t fit any of its own definitions. The films are shown at the same time of the month in the same place for a fee. But again, never mind, it’s fun somehow to see a film in an improvised setting.

St Clement’s makes for an impressive space, far away from the dreary church hall you might imagine, it’s both warm impressive. The screen is nice and big, but the sound (perhaps inevitably) suffers from a touch of echo. More importantly it creates an element of novelty that makes going to see a film that bit more fun.

6 thoughts on “Chorlton Film Institute

  1. You’ll need to answer the following Stephen:

    How much at St Clements for a Big Mac?

    How much for “a pint” of beer?

    How much for “a nice glass of Champagne” at one’s seat?

    Was anyone really watching the film?

  2. We didn’t bother to get a mug of tea, coffee or mulled wine on the way in.

    It’s conventional theatre style seating, with everyone watching the film.

    Entry was £5.

  3. Hi…Andy from Chorlton Film Inst here…you were right about the wiki which now is (and will continue to be) updated. No-one blogged us so we didnt pursue it..Glad you enjoyed the film anyway…what’s that about champagne & beer..I don’t understand

  4. Just to add to the things we don’t keep up to date you can now follow us on twitter (CFITweet)

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