Chris Martin ‘Conservative’… they’ll never be a trendy Tory

I was completely taken in by the Guardian’s April Fool that Chris Martin (indeed all of Coldplay) has gone Tory. It led to some earnest commentary in the pub: I’ve always blown hot and cold with them… hated ‘Yellow’ but quite liked the second album… indeed I enjoyed them at V the other year, but X&Y was the same old same old and I’d bored of them… Chris Martin drives a 4X4 and this hypocrisy makes him well suited for the Conservatives… yes, he’s a minor intellect… fancy getting fooled by Cameron’s gimmicky windmill.

But you can imagine the well meaning wives’ earnest conversation over organic essential oils.

Had I read the article, rather than skimming it in disgust, I might have twigged. But more interestingly, it helps ram home the fact that a Blue Wedge to rival Billy Bragg’s efforts for Labour in the 1980s, is most unlikely. It will never to be trendy to be Tory.

One thought on “Chris Martin ‘Conservative’… they’ll never be a trendy Tory

  1. I was fooled as well till I listened to the ‘talk to david’ mp3 on the Guardian website! Ironically, its probably the best song Coldplay have done!

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