Christianity or Jerry Springer? Who matters most?

Jerry Springer - The OperaIt looks like everyone’s going to be watching Jerry Springer the Opera on BBC2 this Saturday following a major anti-campaign by Christians. It’s fronted by the same Bishop of Manchester who recently complained that just two per cent of Mancunians would be turning up to a service over Christmas. Now his fan says the BBC is out of touch… oh dear! It won’t be that close as BBC2 normally gets an audience share a little over ten per cent and this is a big one.

A lead campaign group is what’s now called Media Watch UK, they used to be the Viewers & Listeners Association, the personal campaign vehicle for Mary Whitehouse. Whitehouse was a legendary Christian and nutter and when she died the organisation lost its way somewhat. I remember seeing her interviewed once on GMTV by simpleton Fiona Phillips. Fiona asked, ‘So what do you to say in response to your opponents?’, to which the sinner replied, ‘I don’t know. What to my opponents have to say?’. This stumped Fiona who said she didn’t know. And that was as tough as it got. In my imagination she produced the type of gun Arnold Schwarzenegger uses and pumped several hundred rounds into the old battleaxe.

Anyway. There’s the inevitable e-mail campaign to the Beeb, but why not click here to send your own message of support? You can do this even after broadcast.

UPDATE: Dodgy stats in the Jerry Springer Opera debate

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