Christmas Music

When it comes to putting up the Christmas decorations there’s no better accompaniment than A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector. It’s a perfect selection of secular tunes (with the exception of Silent Night; Bells of St Mary is about true loves about to marry) all of which have a kind of tinny quality reminiscent of cheap but shinny baubles and tinsel. It celebrates what for many people, including myself, is the true meaning of Christmas; a Coca-cola red Santa Claus bearing gifts and parties and feasting to warm an otherwise cold and dark winter.

Others have a different vision of course and I suspect that’s well represented by Daily Mail Christmas Carols, a CD currently on sale on eBay with proceeds going, ironically, to Asylum Welcome. This auction’s a bit of a stunt by those crazy guys over at Mail Watch. Meanwhile, I’m off to join this lot protesting at the evil Guardian (it’s a marshmallow world in the winter).

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