Classic Sun front page holes Cameron

I suppose a hug is out of the questionRyan Florence might not be the sharpest tool in the box and he may not have known who David Cameron was, but his mock shooting gave the Sun all it needed to ensure the Tory leader’s much derided ‘hug a hoodie’ campaign (he actually said they should be shown ‘a lot more love’) is holed below the waterline. It’s a classic front page.

Yet there is a bigger tragedy here. Mocking Cameron is the easy option and while it does good by undermining his leadership of the Conservative Party, it also makes it difficult to sensibly address the social problems of places like Wythenshawe, where the incident took place. Kids like Ryan Florence are very much products of a sub-culture that has done nothing to encourage them to think beyond where they find themselves today.

Cameron was right to try to move the debate towards understanding this and how the kids’ worldview might be undermined in the long term and replaced with something positive. But he forgot that understanding is all too often confused with excusing and that we’re right to refuse to excuse crime. There is nothing in calling for hoodies to be shown ‘a lot more love’ that makes us think the Tories would create real opportunities for kids to change.

2 thoughts on “Classic Sun front page holes Cameron

  1. do you think cameron actually gives a shit? he’ll jump on any wagon he can to kiss arse and get votes, all these papers make me angry as hell- hypocritical ponces who come up with complete crap to try and stop people realising its the older generations who have fukt it up for all of us. these ‘news’papers dont even once point out its our government that lets the arms trade continue- people like cameron (except with spine ,obviously) who turn a blind eye to the most malicious and evil people, and want to scapegoat young men from poorer areas. mps n politicians have no problem sending these boys off to be murdered in foreign battlegrounds, creating loopholes so the gun selling continues and coming up with shite housing like wythenshawe–but if a boy smokes weed and does a bloody gun-finger towards a blatant poncy imbecile hes plastered on the front page. the hypocrisy and straight bullshit that comes from politics and the media is sickening, if that kid had pointed a real gun at cameron they would have had twice the profits and twice the smile.

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