Co-op Bank to Christian Voice: ‘Come & have a go if you think you’re hard enough!’

Good to see the Co-op Bank standing firm on homophobia with little chance that Christian Voice’s boycott will have much effect. The bank likes to brag about how much business it turns down and the pink pound is likely to be far more valuable than the radical Christian pound, anyway. It’s also interesting that a poll in Co-op’s local paper, the reactionary Manchester Evening News, came out 74 per cent in the bank’s favour, despite suffering an aged and conservative readership. The Co-op’s press release is the banking equivalent of, ‘Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!’

Where I would take Co-op to task is the assertion that its decision is, ‘not on the grounds of religion’. Taken literally, as these people do, the bible is homophobic and so a secular society is forced to limit its tolerance of religion. There is a hierarchy of rights and it’s good to see those relating to sexuality asserting themselves over those relating to religious belief.

Anyway. Some humour. Looking at the Christian Voice website, it’s clear they’ve been heading for this kind of kicking for some time. The published correspondence from various police forces is most amusing. Many forces simply ignore these nutters. Perhaps, like North Wales they simply find them, ‘unreasonable, inaccurate, and abusive’ and unchristian. But plenty of other forces have found ways to politely say, ‘f*** off’. Cumbria, ‘have no intention of writing separately or meeting with you and now regard this correspondence closed’. Dyfed-Powys, ‘must advise you that I find your views morally offensive and totally reprehensible and I would be grateful if you would cease any further communication’. Lincolnshire find, ‘the judgements and assumptions you make emanate from a view of the world that I neither understand, share or find palatable … my views are so far from yours I am unable to reply to most of your questions.’ West Yorkshire, ‘want to encourage diversity… Your letters suggest that your views would add little to that aspiration’.

And best of all, Greater Manchester logged Christian Voice’s enquiry as a ‘hate incident’. To quote Christian Voice, ‘How cool is that?’

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