Coca-Cola Zero… exactly what it says on the tin

Coca-Cola Zero Vs Pepsi MaxIn May I kicked off an occasional series of food and drink reviews – none of your fancy stuff, but what we real people like – with Branston Baked Beans. They got a thumbs up and we’re still eating them.

Now the big news comes from Coca-Cola, who understand that everyone is different and have consequently committed themselves to producing a ‘range of products to meet [consumers’] different needs’. That means Coca-cola Zero which, like Pepsi Max, is a diet cola for men (i.e. no sugar, hardly any calories, but with the girly-word ‘diet’ nowhere to be seen).

Nevertheless, in our house Katharine’s position as resident cola aficionado is unassailable. Otherwise sceptical of diet colas, she’s been hooked on Pepsi Max for some time. Consequently, Coca-Cola Zero’s arrival, was met with eager anticipation; it could have been the food and drink event of the year.

What a disaster. Virtually tasteless, Coca-Cola Zero scored exactly what it says on the tin.

4 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Zero… exactly what it says on the tin

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  2. Totally agree, what a disappointment Coke Zero is. Pepsi Max is so far the best in “diet range” colas out there. So much that I don’t even care for the regular coke or pepsi anymore. Great job, Pepsi!

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