Conservatives’ Munchausen syndrome

An artist’s impression of Iain Dale as Baron MunchausenProbably the best known and certainly the most readable Tory blogger, Iain Dale is a Cameron A-lister who’s cleverly used the internet to raise his profile in the party on his way to being selected for some safe seat or other… although I reckon this April Fool was partly to test to the waters for a job unlikely to be awarded to a pig farmer’s son.

Given its popularity, Iain Dale’s Diary is as good a place as any to get a measure of how the Tory faithful are feeling. Over the weekend things got pretty desperate. Late Saturday evening found Iain banging one out over the current foot and mouth outbreak because a government lab could be to blame. An anonymous source squealed: ‘there should be some mud sticking to Milliband and Brown.’

But this is a fast moving story and a commenter shot Iain’s goose by pointing out that a private sector company may to be blame… ‘in some ways this may be good news’ said a hopeful Tory, ‘if they donate to Labour?’… burning the midnight oil, hopeful excitedly rushed off to check, returning empty handed.

Could there be another angle? Somebody thought so: slaughtered cattle will be incinerated at power stations, becoming a source of renewable energy… err… and this will bring down the government because…?

Unable to uncover evidence of government or Labour Party incompetence, corruption or whatever, these Conservatives appear to have developed a form of Munchausen syndrome whereby they falsify the symptoms of such malaise and revel in any misfortune the country might suffer… to such an extent that a farmer’s son enjoys a foot and mouth outbreak.
(Picture is an artist’s impression of Iain Dale as Baron Munchausen.)

5 thoughts on “Conservatives’ Munchausen syndrome

  1. “to such an extent that a farmer’s son enjoys a foot and mouth outbreak.”

    A total lie. How you could infer that from anything I have written, God alone knows.

  2. Funny Iain, I could have sworne your blogg & bloggers were p***ing themselves at the thought that F & M might hurt Brown.

    If you read the Daily Torygraph comments/blogs you will learn from the rants just why the Tories are still exhibiting all the symptoms of being the nasty and stupid party.

  3. Stephen
    Munchausen metaphor’s original use I note but none the worse for that. Your’e dead right about Tories scabbling around for sticks with which to beat Brown’s new administration plus their almost total failure to date to find one that lands a blow. I included your blog by the way in my list of top political blogs in my response to Dale’s most recent survey.

  4. ‘In a worrying twist, a Government report said a deliberate spread of the disease could not be ruled out.’ (Daily Mail)

    Perhaps it will turn out to be a Conservatve activist that has turned the virus loose? (Only joking Iain!)

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