Cool New Mobile READER OFFER: latest phones, lowest prices

Cool New Mobile have a very simple proposition: the latest mobile phones at the lowest prices, whatever mobile phone network you choose. And as you’ll see from the camera phone images around here, that sounds like just what I need.

The idea of getting a mobile phone primarily to talk to people sounds increasingly weird. My idea of a Cool New Mobile is a 3G phone with a good camera and a decent amount of memory. An MP3 player and a decent size screen are nice to haves.

But many other people’s ideas of a Cool New Mobile might include something small and slim, with a keys just big enough for texting. Ideally, the phone will be pink or black. That said I saw a Cool New Mobile the other week that had a proper silver case, instead of the plastic rubbish that scratches so easily. It got the glances, but in terms of functionality it was rubbish.

Anyway. Go find the Cool New Mobile for you.
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