Cornerhouse Breakfast Club

Breakfast at Cornerhouse

‘If you want to eat well in England, eat three breakfasts.’
W. Somerset Maugham

The disappointment at Cornerhouse being forced to cancel its breakfast club screening of Michael Powell’s The Edge of the World after technical difficulties was easily surpassed this morning by the pathetic excuse for a breakfast. It’s safe to say that W. Somerset Maugham never set foot in Cornerhouse. Regular readers will know that, like Somerset, I do like a café breakfast.

The food offering at Cornerhouse has always been a bit hit and miss and service has always been appallingly slow. We’d have chosen to eat before the film started at noon, but they don’t start serving until 11am and can’t guarantee to have breakfast over within the hour – ‘it takes a bit of time to prepare’ – even though it’s pre-booked and paid for.

Nevertheless, the Breakfast Club deal used to be worthwhile. The deal was vegetarian sausage, mushrooms and tomato, with beans, hash browns – so far so ordinary – served in a free range egg omelette. This innovative omelette gave the deal a USP. And it’s still advertised on the website.

Now after waiting an age, you get a 99p breakfast for £5.90. A couple of veggie sausages, a small scrambled egg, a single hash brown, some mushroom and tomato. No toast (which isn’t even available as an extra). No tea or coffee. No juice. No beans.

Given that Manchester city centre has no shortage of eateries offering good value breakfasts, Cornerhouse really needs to pull its socks up.

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