Cornish pub crawl begins

Fireworks end Mevagissey Feast WeekAfter a mere five and a half hours (including a stop-off), we’re here, The Rising Sun Inn, a traditional pub with a few upstairs rooms at Portmellon Cove, Mevagissey, Cornwall. We’ve arrived just in time to catch the end of Feast Week, a festival of which I still know very little. But it just ended with a spectacular firework display that lit up the harbour of this bustling fishing village, characterised by narrow streets and quaint little shops. Having no idea that Feast Week was on we were lucky to arrive at the Rising Sun at all. Had we got here just a couple of hours later we’d have found the village closed to traffic.

Anyway, in large part I’m only blogging now to see if I can. This is coming to you via a laptop. That’s not so clever, but it’s connected to the modem of a 3G mobile phone via Bluetooth. And even though I’m in a fairly remote part of Britain it’s a good deal faster than dial-up, though not quite as fast as my home broadband. (Well, I’m impressed.)

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