Critter not eating his Fs

Talking of Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners, as I was, I’ve gradually become aware that Critter has been leaving his Fs. Given that he’s only one tooth, people are often surprised to learn that he likes crunchy topping at all. But immediately after his fateful trip to the vets for a bit of radical dentistry, and for a couple of years after that, he was fed dry food to toughen up his gums, which are now razor sharp.

He now takes Sainsbury’s paws in pouches with a crunchy topping courtesy of Felix. These are like Alphabeti-spaghetti (which appears to have been discontinued, although Tesco do offer Organic Pasta Pals, which I very doubt is the same thing) for cats. It gives the little feller an opportunity to play with his food in the way a human child might, except that he’s limited to the letters f, e, l, i and x, which are not much use to anyone.

Anyway. What could he have against Fs and should I insist he eats up his Fs before he’s allowed a saucer of milk (lactose reduced, of course)?

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