Daily Mail readers to the NHS: ‘let gypsies jump the queue!’

Daily Mail: Should the NHS allow gipsies to jump the queue?
At time of writing, it’s good to see that 85 per cent of Daily Mail readers believe that gypsies should be allowed to jump NHS queues. Voting in the Daily Mail’s poll is a wonderful way to wind-up the newspaper that has done most to make far right views acceptable in Britain today.

Under the editorship of Paul Dacre, the Daily Mail has stayed particularly true to the first Lord Rothermere’s vision for the newspaper.

The election of two BNP MEPs earlier this month did cause a short pause for thought. Peter Obourne blamed Labour for failing to get its vote out. A journalist called Tozer (honest) was engaged to have a pop at one BNP MEP’s German heritage, BNP leader Nick Griffin was called a bully and racist Tory students were exposed.

But we all knew the Daily Mail would soon revert to type. This poll is inspired by Richard Littlejohn’s column which leads on Fast-tracking the Tarmacing community on the NHS… scroll down and he follows up with an attack on Martin McGuinness, who he alleges is a racist.

Travellers have always been an easy target for racists and Littlejohn plays well to the Daily Mail gallery. These aren’t even proper Romany gypsies, he complains hysterically, but ‘Irish tinkers, itinerant scrap-metal merchants, scruffy hippies left over from the 1983 Glastonbury Festival, or dubious waifs and strays from Eastern Europe doing a bit of freelance begging.’

According to Richard Littlejohn, the edict that they should receive special treatment comes from the ‘diversity industry’ which ‘which takes sadistic pleasure in persecuting the taxpaying majority’. Yet there is enough in Littlejohn’s article to see that he is talking nonsense.

Travellers do suffer significantly poorer health than the rest of the population and the NHS is right to act on that. Richard Littlejohn probably feels they should all live their lives as he lives his and become Daily Mail readers.

Presumably, one of the people his fellow columnist Max Hastings feels is being ignored by politicians, Richard Littlejohn has done much to create a political environment in which racism is acceptable. Let’s hope the travellers continue to reject Littlejohn’s way of life and the politicians continue to ignore him: vote yes to gypsies jumping NHS queues.

11 thoughts on “Daily Mail readers to the NHS: ‘let gypsies jump the queue!’

  1. Gypsies die young? Perhaps it’s because the tarmacing community generally tend to live outside of society (and outside of the law), avoid education like the plague and thus neglect themselves through a culture of heavy drinking and poor diet.

    I have very little sympathy for them, as i’m from an area where gypsies used to regularly break into private land, trash the place, raise the local crime rates and then hitch up the caravans and depart as soon as the police and bailiffs got a court order together to chuck them out.

    Why not have a little more sympathy for our old veterans who ensured our rights to this country’s freedom of speech instead of write a sob-story for outlaw tinkers. Many of our vets remain on the breadline and wait for months for operations on the NHS in filthy wards whilst their homes are sold to pay for their long term care.

    Try remembering that it’s their sacrifice that enables leftie prats like yourself to write bullshit articles such as the one above…

  2. Darren, how odd that you believe caring about war veterans is incompatible with believing the NHS should target those with the poorest health.

    You argue that war veterans fought for freedom of speech, but complain that those who say things you don’t like are ‘leftie prats’.

    You condemn those who exercise the freedom to choose a lifestyle different to that of a Daily Mail reader. But you are the one with nothing better to do at 5.27am than search the web for the incoherent ramblings of Richard Littlejohn.

    If freedom is a war veterans’ legacy, it is you who is pissing it away.

    You also choose to forget that the Nazis — who had the Daily Mail’s support until WWII broke out — attempted to exterminate gypsies. Those veterans saved them.

    Daily Mail readers continue to define hypocrisy. Not just by demanding freedoms they would deny to others — as you do — but in every aspect of their lives.

    Many Daily Mail readers spend their days masturbating over celebrity upskirt shots or women they feel deserve to suffer for their vanity, while claiming to be the nation’s moral guardians. They are a cancer, the sickest and most depraved members of our society.

  3. I wasn’t aware that there was a time limit on viewing this shabby little blog, nor on perusing the excellent Mr Littlejohn’s article. May I ask when this took effect?

    How is the stance taken by the Mail’s owners in the 1930s comparable with their current ownership? You might wish to remember that it was the Mail’s editorial that named and shamed the Stephen Lawrence “killers” and even invited them to sue the paper.

    Your accusations smack of Red Ken, him being the hypocrite who liked to berate Associated Newspaper journalists for being Jewish but whose hatred of the “Hate Mail” didn’t limit him to not taking the devil’s shilling when he was paid to write a newspaper column for it’s sister newspaper (Evening Standard).

    I have never seen a woman being ordered to suffer by that newspaper. This a typical misconception ordered by fascist lefties like yourself who wish to paint readers of right of centre publications as people who’d suck your blood just to lose 10 years in appearance.

    Whilst I am not challenging a gypsy’s right to life and concur wholeheartedly with your asscertion that the veterans fought for the good of all of humanity this does not give the travelling community the right to contribute very little besides mayhem and chaos to the rest of society. You have chosen to steer clear of the observations that I made regarding their time spent in my former community, and very wise you were to do so.

    Those who marry within such a small gene pool, who steer clear of formal education and follow a poor dietry program can expect little else but poor health. Or does the Daily Mail conspire in some way to misinform the gypsies into leading the lives they do, or perhaps pay people to poison their water supply in the hope of causing adverse reactions in their health? Why blame myself and other readers for gypsies own ignorance!

    Freedom is indeed the war veteran’s legacy, however it is hypocrites like yourself who no doubt feel that unmanaged immigration has benefited this country and has not compromised our nation’s security, infrastructure, the wage of the working (poorest) man, and community cohesion. Why not ask your average veteran what their feelings are about that? Or perhaps of the lack of contribution/lawlessness on the part of your average traveller?

    Fifty quid says that if you did then my views would be more in line with their beliefs than yours!

    When travellers are prepared to join in with the rest of society: to not act like parasites; to obey the same laws as we do; to pay the same taxes as everyone else…etc…then I would gladly second your recommendation to help target those whom you claim are in most need of advice from the NHS.

    To be honest although I enjoy reading the Mail sometimes I generally tend to read The Times and sometimes The Daily Telegraph more these days. I like Peter Hitchens’ articles as I do Richard Littlejohn’s, however I felt the Johnathan Ross/Russell Brand witch-hunt was absolutely barking and certainly not it’s finest hour. I noted that it had Ross in it’s corsshairs since his bumper contract was signed back in 2006. For all of their bleating about smearing Andrew Sachs’ name it certainly stoked the frenzy for many weeks afterwards!

    I am just curious: We have a steep rise in support and activities of those involved with religious fundamentalism in this country. Actions which are so serious that in 50 years it might prevent ourselves or our offspring from engaging in democratic debates like this. Does that kind of thing concern you or do you prefer to only focus upon issues that are deemed by Guardian readers as being ‘Politically Correct’?

    (p.s. And what is wrong with mastubating over celebrity upskirt shots? My grandfather fought a war so I could have the freedom to do that!)

  4. I don’t have a problem with you masturbating over your Daily Mail as such, Darren. I merely highlight the hypocrisy of Paul Dacre, who profits from those images while claiming to edit a family newspaper.

    Inviting readers to have a wank over Leslie Ash’s cleavage as she hobbled down the street on a walking stick, clearly appealed to specialist tastes. The commentary, which implied she didn’t deserve compensation she’d received from her hospital because she was a victim of domestic violence, well illustrated the Mail’s misogyny.

  5. Leslie Ash never did look right with that trout pout did she. I always wondered what a blowjob from such lips would feel like though (oh go on, as if you havn’t wondered that yourself! Go on, pretend Harriet Harperson granted you special permission for that wank!)

    I never read the articles to which you are refering, so I can’t really comment on that one. I wouldn’t never claim that the Mail get it right ALL the time.

    Just as i’m sure you would agree that the vast amount of advertising revenue that the Guardian receives from the state sector (ie. taxpayer’s money) to pay for more stuffed shirts and non-jobs isn’t exactly beneficial to a healthy economy or society. But still, it keeps their rag afloat off of the back of otherwise paltry readership sales I guess…

  6. I love the DM readers trying to stick up for their nasty, racist little rag. Funny that Richard Littlejohn feels he has a right to comment on immigrants and gypsies ruining the UK when he himself lives in Florida, and is himself an immigrant to the US. Bloody hypocrite.

  7. Sorry Newton, your drivel put me to sleep for almost a year! I know you aren’t used to be challenged but is that the best you can bloody come up with?

    Does Littlejohn still pay tax in this country? No doubt he probably still owns a home here and probably grew tired of the BLair/Brown regimes successful efforts to ruin the country so who can blame him for jumping ship?

    Kev obviously failed to read my criticism of the Daily Mail. Scroll up and try again, fella.

    Kev sounds like a bit of a hypocrite himself. Would you personally choose to live next door to such a camp and would you feel pleased that such unacceptable antics would greatly depreciate the value of your home in the event of you selling up? Another £50 says that he’d turn into an overnight NIMBY! Though you’re happy for others to have to experience such lawless behaviour and content for their community and common decency?

    The looney-left never fail to amuse me. You’ll scream “INJUSTICE!” from the rooftops until it affects you…

  8. Hi Darren
    I do hope you work nights and haven’t got up at 4.39am just to post comments here, especially as it’s very unlikely Kev will ever read what you have to say.

  9. Yeah, I hibernated for a year and set my alarm for half four just get up and post on your blog. You should get those delusions of grandeur professionally assessed, mate!

    Now what’s this about your pocket-rat Kev never again being able to read what I have to say?

    You didn’t “do an Armin Meiwes” and both share a last meal of flambéed penis before carving him up and freezing him to eat later did you? Poor Kev!

  10. Darren, I’m very confused about what solution you’re offering to the problem of gypsies having poor health here.

    As admirable as it is that you are able to spew racist drivel and repeat stereotypes I don’t quite see what you suggest be done about it.

    Before I get on to that though, I do not believe what you say about gypsies vandalising your local area, purely because gypsies have moved into my local area three times in my lifetime and each time been moved on quickly. Each time I would hear people saying things like “Lock up your dog, there are pikeys on the field” and after they left things like “I heard they nicked a friend of my friend’s door!” I have yet to see a crime committed by travellers other than leaving garbage on the site when they are forced to leave. Hardly surprising given that these are incredible poor communities and there are no free waste disposal services for non-permanent residents in my area.

    Conversely, on the other side of my town, where the travellers moved one time after staying near me – they had their camp burned down in the night. I heard nothing of this until two months later and it took three phone calls to the local police station to determine that it was in fact true. Compare that with the constant touting of rumoured crimes as fact.

    For the rest of this post, I’m going to assume that the travellers near you (assuming there ever were such) DID commit the crimes you say. Lets look at the reasons why. In Britain there are enough permanent camps to house 1/3 of the travelling community. I challenge you to find a non-designated area where a traveller camp would be accepted. It is impossible to get a job (or indeed permanent education) when you are moved on in a week, meaning gypsies are almost permanently impoverished. You cannot deny that there is a hatred against gypsies in the UK, although at a guess here, I would imagine you see it as justified. These people are forced to live outside society by racists like yourself. Your comments about heavy drinking and poor diet are the inventions of a xenophobe trying to justify his own hatred.

    If you really believe what you have written then offer a solution. Until people change their attitudes and allow travellers into society, the NHS will have to continue to give people who cannot stay in an area for much longer than a week priority.

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