Daily Mail still pimping royal squeezes

Daily Mail: Harry’s girl, the Baywatch babeIt’s less than a fortnight since the Daily Mirror apologised for using an inappropriate photo of Prince William’s girlfriend (apparently the pic showed Kate Middleton walking to work with a cup in one hand and car keys in the other, which doesn’t sound that exciting), so the new morality has yet to reach the Daily Mail which is still allowing titillating pictures of young women to dominate the front page in the hope of a few cheap sales.

Those so minded can lust over much larger versions of this and other photos of Prince Harry’s girl in a red bikini over on the Mail’s website.

Picture credits go to Splash, which is exactly the type of paparazzi picture agency recently banned by Murdoch’s Sun and News of the World. But in these times of declining sales, needs must and the Mail simply can’t afford not to pimp a royal squeeze… soon they’ll be negotiating for the rights to Page 3.

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