The Darkness: One way ticket to hell… & back… & back

I was right. The Darkness charted at number eight with One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back, just as I said they would. And within two weeks it will gone from the chart. The album will not be the commercial success record bosses hope for and we will soon be rid.

But why the gloat? Well I had e-mail from a young Darkness fan from a school that goes by the motto ‘Zeal for the Faith’ (they’re Catholics). And what a zealot he is! I came back from my short break to several attempts at anonymous nasty comments. I don’t mind that. I think it’s fun. But I am no more notorious than before I went away. While the comments are posted over several days, they come from just two IPs and they both belong to same ISP. How sad.
Buy The Darkness: One Way Ticket to Hell and Back here if you must!

2 thoughts on “The Darkness: One way ticket to hell… & back… & back

  1. 8th aint a bad place to be, and besides the charts is filled with pop and r&b which the majority of people in society like, a rock band will find it hard to compete against these pop acts + who is it that actually buys singles nowadays? i’ll tell you little emo kids, young children and middle aged men and women who want to be “down with the kids” yet they still go out and buy crap like Madonna, oh dear when will people learn.

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