The Darkness: One way ticket to hell… & back

Has there ever been a more annoying band than The Darkness? I mean have you heard One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back? I’m not so sure that this one-way ticket that’s really a re-turn ticket joke is intentional. Yes, it’s probably funny by the standards of a Darkness fan, but I think it’s actually a mistake. I think Justin Hawkins really is very, very thick.

I shall be watching closely though, because it’s 18 months since I forecast their demise. The Darkness is last year’s university novelty band and will go the same as their immediate predecessors, Steps, who were so loved by ‘ironic’ students. Student populations change so rapidly – every three years – it’s not possible to hold on to them for long. No generation wants to be seen following the last.

Up to now, they’ve been quiet this year and so current popularity levels remain untested. I’m confident this album will fizzle, with the single entering the top ten (but not top five) on release and then falling out of the chart within two weeks. Subsequent singles will fare even worse and the album itself will disappoint record company executives big time.
Buy The Darkness: One Way Ticket to Hell and Back here if you must!

3 thoughts on “The Darkness: One way ticket to hell… & back

  1. What a load of shite. The joke was entirely intentional and Justin Hawkins is not “very, very thick”. You predicted their demise before and are still waiting for it. I’m sure you’ll be saying that when the 3rd album comes out, I can see it now: “It was 36 months since I forecast their demise, and I’m sure this 3rd album will be their worst yet and will lead to the previously mentioned demise.”

  2. You really have proved with your comments that it is you that is very very thick and not Justins Hawkins. Maybe if you actually bothered to read what the song is about before jumping to conclusions like the small minded individual that you are you may gain an understanding of it. It?s a song of redemption, it is saying that no matter how bad a cocaine addiction gets and no matter how long the journey into hell lasts it is never too late to turn back. You obviously have a very bad taste in music, The Darkness are the best thing to happen to the music industry for a long long time, they have relieved us from the monotonous music such as Coldplay and Radiohead and the absolute crap that is rap and r&b., they have managed to single handedly revitalise a great form of music which has been missing since the end of bands such as Led Zepplin, Thin Lizzy etc.

    You really do need to think about what you are saying before you criticise something that you know nothing about.
    You Sir are a knob.

  3. don’t worry this Newton idiot wouldn’t know good music if it slapped him around the face. Also he writes like a child.

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